Informational Text

This is a mini informational text I did for my winter break.

What a Child Does for 3 Weeks
If you’re not going anywhere for winter break. You’re expected to hear “Mom. I’m bored.” By not going anywhere I mean, like no movies no car trips just staying at home. Book reading might get a bit boring if you’re doing it for 1-3 weeks. Sometimes you’re child will ask for your phone to play a game or watch YouTube or Netflix. If you have your child’s TV time limited then they might ask you for that. Here are some things you can do if you’re going nowhere.
So, as me being a 11 year old this is how I spent my 3 week winter break. I started by playing a couple games on my iPad. Then I got 2 games on my brothers PC which kept me busy for 4 hours a day, because my brother had work to do on it. When I wasn’t on the PC I was probably on my iPad. On my iPad I played a couple of games.
I wasn’t always playing games. I was also watching movies, tv shows, trailers. Either on Netflix, or YouTube. I watched a lot of new Youtubers, found a lot of good tutorials for games. And usually just watched some old youtubers I used to like when I was younger.
In conclusion, you can make a lot of 3 weeks off school. Like I did. I didn’t be that productive but this is what I did to keep me busy most of the time. I was also busy by being bored and watching tv, but that’s not important. Thanks for reading. 

Museum Project

I chose this aritifact because it’s a very old and preserved statue of ancient Egypt, the reason we did this is to understand what happened in ancient times, and see what they made in the older days and why they made it. The artefact was about 1345 B.C. and was created for the Pharoh’s Wife, who was very worshiped and special to the people of Egypt. The project was to pick a aritifact from any of the four Civilizations we researched (Indus,Nile,Mesopotamia,Yellow) that we found interesting and make note cards from three different sources to make a small notecard which will be shown below, and make out speech for our video using that too.

Cuneiform Challenge

I learned that even drawing letters is hard. The activity taught us how the people of Sumer wrote. I realised that it’s harder then it looks like. We are lucky to have letters then cuneiform.

I dare you guys to translate this into English in the comments down below.