Fantasy Sneak Peek

We arrived at the hotel a couple hours later, our room was nice and comfy and we got our own rooms (YAY)! Our first day we got to roam around and stay with friends to get comfortable with our surroundings basically. I went to Jess’ room and we went to explore the hotel. Before I left my room I went and grabbed my key necklace, and Jess wears one too.
“Jessica!!” I shouted as I walked into her room.
“Yes Stella,” she replied while putting her necklace one.
“Come let’s go and explore this hotel,” I said with excitement
“Ok!! That sounds fun!!” she said in excitement
As we walked around the hotel the jewels in both of our keys began to glow more. We walked further and they glowed more. We were getting scared but realising why our parents let us go here when we didn’t want to. As we were getting closer we were getting eager. We held each other’s hand.

I choose this piece of writing because I used a transition verb: A couple hours later. I also used something that is only mentioned once make it important. Throughout the paragraphs i used punctuation. I used dialouge that described my story and made the plot come out more. The ending was my favorite because I used a cliffhanger ending for my paragraph/chapter.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Sneak Peek

  1. Good job! Your story sneak peek was really good. You basically included the most important things: Dialoge, structure and even a good cliff hanger. I can’t wait to read your story. Ps also good job on your reflection.

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