Digital Citizenship

From this setion in DAL in exploratory. I learned that you need to treat people online the same you’d treat them as your friends you have offline. I also learned that you’ve got to not cuss, post bad things because once they’re there, it’s there forever since you don’t know who took a screenshot of the msg ;( one more thing is that don’t share any personal information (passwords,address etc) with people online since you don’t know who they’re behind the screen.

This photo is showing that you should spend the same time online and offline (Ying and Yang)

Picture credits : Click here 🙂

Lost Boys (and Girls) of Sudan

We are studying The Lost Boys(and Girls)[LB] of Sudan. We studied maps of the US. Saw how many LB are living in each state in the US. They all live away from each other and some live in the same state. This is my map and below it is what I noticed about it ?

In the South-Eastern place of the US has a lot of the Lost Boy(s)(LB) living in that place. Texas being the land wise biggest state has a LOT of LB that moved there. The eastern part has a lot of LB living together, like there are 265 LB living in Texas. The capital of the US has 1 LB living there, the Medium sized states have 130-140 LB living there. 

3-D Sculpture 

So me and my partner Helen were working on making a 3-D Sculpture. We had 5 prisms and made it into a staircase. I recorded the steps of the prism, our prism in Blockify, etc. You will see others sculptures to which were amazing to me. Hope you like the video ?

Ranthambore Reflection Journal

So in my painting it includes 3 things that I thought were amazing and I never saw ever. So on the top left is water and the green blobs are crocodiles. Next to that is a ghost tree which was pretty cool!! Next to that you can see it’s a tree but it also has a owl which is the black blob. At bottom it is me and my class in a cantor on the road taking pictures of what we saw!

Now here’s my painting:


Science Experiment: Does The Liquid The Boat Float In Affect The Number Of Pennies The Boat Can Hold

We did an experiment to find out if different types of liquid affect the number of passengers ( pennies ) a boat  (paper cup) can hold. The different liquids we used were : Normal water, hot water, salty water, soapy water, soda. We thought that the soda would affect the amount of passengers the boat could hold because the bubbles would lift and keep the boat at the surface of the liquid in the tub. It turns out that the soda did hold the most pennies.

Fantasy Sneak Peek

We arrived at the hotel a couple hours later, our room was nice and comfy and we got our own rooms (YAY)! Our first day we got to roam around and stay with friends to get comfortable with our surroundings basically. I went to Jess’ room and we went to explore the hotel. Before I left my room I went and grabbed my key necklace, and Jess wears one too.
“Jessica!!” I shouted as I walked into her room.
“Yes Stella,” she replied while putting her necklace one.
“Come let’s go and explore this hotel,” I said with excitement
“Ok!! That sounds fun!!” she said in excitement
As we walked around the hotel the jewels in both of our keys began to glow more. We walked further and they glowed more. We were getting scared but realising why our parents let us go here when we didn’t want to. As we were getting closer we were getting eager. We held each other’s hand.

I choose this piece of writing because I used a transition verb: A couple hours later. I also used something that is only mentioned once make it important. Throughout the paragraphs i used punctuation. I used dialouge that described my story and made the plot come out more. The ending was my favorite because I used a cliffhanger ending for my paragraph/chapter.