Cafeteria Soundscape

In the picture below I have express how I feel about the aes Café. All of the 20 lines express the sound as the lines go down that means it gets noisier . I choose dark colors because the sound is so loud. Overall , I don’t like how the café sounds.

My Achievement 

On May 6th after ipop I went to a place where I study Math and English. I got a good trophy in Math and a silver medal in English. I want to achieve a gold trophy in English and be a completer of Math and English.  Pictures I took??






Poem Reflection

The title of my poem is ” No No! ” I was inspired to write this poem because I hate some Indian food. Two strategies that I used are Stanzas and White space .  White space was effective because it gave the reader time to make a mental movie. Stanzas  was effictive because it would seperate the person in my poems thoughts. I am proud of the expression because it took me time to get the write words. In the future I might try similes.

How Earthquakes Happen

Earthquakes develop in the crust of the earth. The crust involves the earth’s surface, submarine levels, down to the ocean floors. The inner part of the earth contains massive energy. Some of this energy escapes through cracks and other volcanic activity, but the bulk of it is stored within the earth’s inner part, contained in the crust.

The earth’s outer crust is held in place like a completed jigsaw puzzle, with rough edges and lines. The energy stored here causes the pieces to slide, glide, knock and move around each piece. These pieces best describe what we call ‘Tectonic plates’ (See illustration below)

After a period of time, the built up energy and movement causes huge tension in the plates, and there is massive pressure on the fault lines. This intense pressure resulting from energy build up causes the fault lines give way, and plates move over, against or apart from each other.



Sound waves

Me and Gaeun had a question “How does sound travel underwater?”

Sound waves vibrate particles within a certain medium, and we can consider water as a medium just like air.the way sound waves work is by transmitting energy from the source (you maybe) through a medium, which is water in this case making the particles in water vibrate back and forth to carry the energy (sound waves) in all directions, so a receiver somewhere below the water can hear a noise.

i hope this answered your question 🙂